About Us

STCeurope has surfed the wave of telecom. In the early years STCeurope was a company with a focus on wholesale.

After a few years STCeurope sharpened his focus to a R&D company.

Today we have a large R&D department whose people are experts in technical electronic innovations.

Nowadays we offer complete in-house solutions. Solutions going from idea, engineering to production. “We are going to make your idea” is the sound we make after a conversation with our clients.

Car-oriented electronics is our core-business. #interfaces #cables #solutions

Besides our core-business we are wild about designing and production of led-solutions, parking aid solutions, cable harness solutions, PCB solutions (Printed Circuit Board),…

You can’t translate this better than “From idea to product”

More about us:

In a constantly changing environment, where internet, GPS and mobile phones are as important as food and clothes we are looking for solutions to make people’s life more pleasant.
Steering wheels controls, built-in navigations systems, hand-free communication, etc. is on one side our profession.

On the other hand we develop technical solutions with an innovative view for mainly technical problems. Our strong R&D team is capable of designing your idea into a product or a production ready product.

We are keen on finding and offering solutions for our customers’ demands.

We like to design complex electronic and mechanical parts for the desired vehicle.

Rudy Vanheukelen, CEO, : “With our in-house SMT (Surface-Mount Technology) machine and our new cable and wire department we love to deliver complete solutions in a very short time.“



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